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Paperbacks, paperbacks, paperbacks!

Great news for those of you “allergic” to e-books;  Havana Homicide, the latest in the Carina Quintana Murder Mysteries series, is now available from Amazon as a paperback! And no worries–if you haven’t yet read the first seven books in the series you won’t have any problem diving into number eight. It might even make you want to go back and read any earlier stories you missed!

As a refresher, Havana Homicide can be (and is on the book’s back cover!) described as follows:

Havana Homicide is the eighth installment in the Carina Quintana Murder Mysteries series, conjured by Kirkus Award-winning author David M Benson. Something as prosaic as a police chiefs convention brings Carina to Havana but she’s got way stronger Cuban connections than that. Her grandparents emigrated from Cuba just before Castro’s revolution, bringing Carina’s Cuban-born father to the the United States. And her family history, particularly that of her tough guy grandfather, who ran a casino in Havana for the mob before the revolution and who died before she was born, is woven into the plot. Murder abounds; it is, after all, a Carina Quintana Murder Mystery! Here, though, the killer does not seem to care how much evidence he leaves behind. Catch me if you can seems to be his mantra, or his dare. But the manner in which present day killings in Florida intersect with much earlier crimes in Havana drives the twists and turns of the complex story. And Carina is not the only present day figure with descendants that influence current events, nor, it turns out, is she the only one with connections to her grandfather. Carina’s wife Alice is along for the ride, of course, as is Carina’s team of Fort Lauderdale PD detectives. But for Havana Homicide the devil is in the antagonists, including a Steve Jobs-like fellow with more than a little fascinating history of his own and a Cuban secret policeman with a long memory and a few of his own surprises.

And for you stalwart paperback fans, don’t forget that Laura’s debut novel–the amazing The Six Wives of Jenny the 8th–is also available from Amazon as a paperback. And remember, the author is Laura Garcia, her maiden name!

Happy reading!




An Easy-To-Keep New Year’s Resolution!

I hear that the most common New Year’s resolution is to exercise more in the new year. Laudable, but (for most, apparently) difficult to keep.

I have a better idea.

Read a novel written by one of your friends!

Cheaper than a gym membership and more rewarding, such a resolution might even stake you for the rest of the year since there are eight Carina Quintana Murder Mysteries* and Laura (Garcia)’s amazing The Six Wives of Jenny the 8th.

There’s even a secondary resolution lurking here; for those who don’t already, resolve to take up e-books. I love the feel of a real paper book but have gone over to the dark side on this one, in part because I can increase the print size when reading a book on my iPad but haven’t yet figured out how to do that with a real book! There’s also having multiple books on one device, but I digress.

For those of you who just have to have paper, you can still keep this resolution. The Six Wives of Jenny the 8th is also available in paperback, as is my lone sci-fi thriller Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears.

So forget that gym membership (sadly, you’ll probably be reading the contract’s small print about cancelling by March anyway!) and let your fingers do the walking over to Amazon or the Apple iBook Store and kick off 2018 by reading a few novels written by a friend!

Happy New Year!


*Carina Quintana Murder Mysteries

 Late Boomer

 Roomer Has It

 White Tie & Tales

 Dead On a Rival

Loose Canon

 All the Rage

 Money Side Up

 Havana Homicide


Thanksgiving Reading

I know, it’s difficult to believe that Thanksgiving is already here, but here it comes!

Whether your plans are to travel or stay put this holiday, I’ll bet you’re going to have some quality time to catch up on your reading, perhaps on that plane ride or while relaxing by the fireplace, or the swimming pool. Or maybe while that big bird is roasting!

It should come as absolutely no surprise that I heartily recommend Laura’s debut novel, The Six Wives of Jenny the 8th, which is available from Amazon as a paperback or e-book, or as an e-book from the Apple ibooks store.

If you’ve already read the fabulous Jenny, perhaps my latest Carina Quintana Murder Mystery, Havana Homicide, can improve your holiday. Or maybe you’ll even have time to begin at the beginning of the eight-book Carina series, starting with Late Boomer, and go from there!

And for you hard core sci-fi fans, there’s Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears, which is also available in paperback form.

In any case, happy reading! And have a terrific holiday!


“Jenny’s” in the Apple Store!

For those of you that like to read e-books on your iPad, good news! Laura’s novel The Six Wives of Jenny the 8th, is now available from the iBook store.

For traditionalists, it is (as I mentioned earlier) also available on Amazon both for Kindle and as a paperback.

Happy reading!

Now THIS is Exciting News!!

Laura’s written her first novel and it’s a winner!

While I’ve been whiling away my time writing two screenplays that have thus far gone nowhere, my beautiful, creative wife has put her pent-up journalist/history and Shakespeare buff talents to work on a novel that is truly original and fantastic.

It’s called The Six Wives of Jenny the 8th and it’s…well, here’s the book jacket description:

The Six Wives of Jenny the 8th spans roughly 15 years in the life of the smart, rich and beautiful Jennifer York as she begins her youthful journey of sexual self-discovery in her personal life and success in the glamour and hidden battles of the motion picture industry. The six women who infiltrate and infuse Jenny’s world portray a spectrum of the universe around her as the years progress. Whether at the start or at the end of an alliance with her, form the enviable and not-so-enviable roles of these women. Their varying stays in Jenny’s heart are marked by unforeseen twists and turns, some of their own making and some not, including love, lust, family, jealousy, condemnation and retribution. From Southern California sunshine and warmth to European and New England cool to Miami Beach heat, this is a fast-paced tale of one woman’s remarkable journey, as well as its unpredictable detours. The Six Wives of Jenny the 8th is both a hyper-modern updating of the tales of King Henry the 8th and his marital sagas and an up-to-the minute saga of one woman and her wives as they navigate today’s world.

It’s definitely a WOW!

Better news: It’s available now AS A PAPERBACK from Amazon!

And have I mentioned that it’s written under her maiden name, Laura Garcia??

For those of you who insist on ebooks, it’s also available now from Amazon as one of those, and it will be available from the iBooks store and other ebook sources shortly.

The Six Wives of Jenny the 8th is an outstanding first effort; actually it would be an outstanding tenth effort and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. So what are you waiting for?!?




Amazon Studios Passes On Havana Homicide

Amazon Studios is one of a very few outlets that will accept unsolicited scripts, and I decided to submit a screenplay of the latest Carina Quintana Mystery, Havana Homicide. They have, however,  now “…determined that it does not meet the needs of our Development Slate at this time.”

I can’t say I was surprised. I would have been far more surprised–although, of course, deliriously happy!–if they had accepted it. The odds here are something like a junior high football player making it to the NFL.  And those odds were, it seems, not overcome with a script that includes a very attractive and clever lesbian Latina detective married to another woman, buzzy locales, including Havana and Miami Beach, and a terrific story. In any case, I did at least  get the experience of writing another screenplay. And the experience caused me to embark on yet another; I’m finishing up a screenplay of Dark Fire; Yesterday’s Tears, my sci-fi novel. We’ll see if Amazon’s Development Slate may be more amenable to that genre at this time!

In any case, I have attached a copy of the Havana Homicide screen play to this post. If you enjoyed reading plays in school–or more recently–you might have fun with this. Please enjoy!






Didn’t expect that title, eh?

Well, I just finished writing a screenplay of Havana Homicide for submission to Amazon Studios–no expectations, but hope springs eternal!–and totally enjoyed the (somewhat grueling) experience.  I did a rather good job, according to Laura, who says it’s better than the book.

Anyway, in thinking about what I might do next I decided to try my hand at another screenplay. It’s an interesting change from writing a novel. The form demands you to be way more concise and focused and, of course, also emphasizes dialogue, and I found the experience extremely satisfying. Havana Homicide, much as it’s my fave of the Carina books, is a fairly straightforward story, despite having some interesting twists and turns. So, challenging as it was to write the HH screenplay, I’m going to be a masochist and try my hand at an even more complex story and find out if I can turn that into an equally credible screenplay.

What came to mind pretty quickly was, you guessed it, Dark Fire; Yesterday’s Tears. I’ve been away from it for a while and realized right away that I needed to sit down and read the whole book before even thinking about opening my screenplay software. again.  And what happened next was a very pleasant surprise.  (Recall that DFYT is my only non-Carina novel out there and is based on a sci-fi trope, although it’s basically a love story intended to appeal to non-sci-fi fans, as well as die-hard fans of the genre.)  I sat down, read it in two afternoons AND LOVED IT! It’s a terrific story, told really well.

And that’s what led me to write this post.

If you’re looking around for a book to read I strongly recommend getting your hands on a copy. I  think (and hope) you’ll love it! And remember, DFTY is available in paperback for you e-book-phobes!

Happy spring and summer reading!