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Summer Reading Season

…is coming to a close! So if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to go to Amazon or Apple iBooks and get yourself a copy of the latest Carina Quintana Murder Mystery–Money Side Up–to complete your summer reading.

Of course, if you missed the seven Carina books that preceded Money Side Up, those just happen to be available from the same sources! Those are:

Late Boomer

 Roomer Has It

 White Tie & Tales

 Dead On a Rival

 Loose Canon

 All the Rage

And last but not at all least, if you’re more in the mood to finish your summer reading off with some great sci-fi/romance, pick up a copy of Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears from the same source, in either e-book or paperback.

And enjoy the rest of your summer!

The Review Is In!

My diversion (divergence?!?) into sci-fi has now been reviewed by Kirkus Indie, the largest reviewer of independent books, and the news is pretty darn good. After parsing the plot, Kirkus goes on to say this about Dark Fire; Yesterday’s Tears:

By novel’s end, the [time travel] device is deployed several times in a fast-paced series of
showdowns, with [the female protagonist]Sim lost at one point and the U.S. president trying to snag the time machine. Benson (Money Side Up, 2016, etc.) shifts gears from his previous Carina Quintana police procedurals/mysteries to produce an entertaining romance/spy mashup that lays the groundwork for his next series. The novel is best at establishing its Duff/Sim tensions, with a particularly engaging emotional payoff in this couple’s lightning round of resurrections/meetings….[T]his is an enjoyable tale and a promising series launch. A clever, satisfying time-bending love story and adventure.

So, if you haven’t already, go snag a copy (paperback or electronic) of Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears. It will make great summer/beach reading!

How About a Little Weekend Reading For a Change??

There are seven Carina Quintana Mysteries to choose from, all available from Amazon or the Apple/iBooks store–

–Late Boomer

–Roomer Has It

–White Tie & Tales

–Dead On a Rival

–Loose Canon

–All the Rage

–Money Side Up

Or, if you’re more in the mood for a sci-fi/action adventure with a healthy dose of romance, you could always try Dark Fire; Yesterday’s Tears, available from Amazon in either e-book or convenient paperback formats!

Whatever you choose, have a great weekend!

Five-Star Review!

On Friday, I noticed five stars and the following review on the Amazon sales page for Money Side Up:

“Carina is back at it again! Great to read a series of books with such a strong female! [Benson] never fails to keep you guessing where the plot will go and I definitely didn’t see this one coming! Must read!”

So, if your weekend plans haven’t quite lasted the entire weekend, download a copy of Money Side Up by David M Benson now from (or Apple iBooks) and the last part of your weekend will be great!

Rev Up Your iPads!

Money Side Up--the new Carina Quintana Mystery–is now available in the Apple iBooks store!

And the even better news is that it’s available at the same introductory price as at Amazon. In fact, all of the Carina Quintana Mysteries* are available for $2.99 for a limited time from both Amazon and Apple!

So, what are you waiting for?



*Those would be:

  • Late Boomer
  • Roomer Has It
  • White Tie & Tales
  • Dead On a Rival
  • Loose Canon
  • All the Rage

Money Side Up (Up, and Away!)

Money Side Up, the seventh Carina Quintana Mystery, has now been published!

This action-packed adventure opens with a lethal, pre-dawn gun battle on a Fort Lauderdale beach between an outlaw motorcycle gang and Florida police in which Carina is wounded, and from there the complex, fast-paced and winding plot begins its many twists and turns.

Twisted might also serve as an apt descriptor for the story’s antagonist, a deadly young woman named Regina Roy who is on dual quests–first, to climb out of the shadow of her late, identical twin brother, Rex, who was the gang’s local president and, second, to right the wrongs she believes that one member of every twin pair does to the other.

Both of these quests result in a trail of mangled corpses from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta and give rise to a series of interconnected cases that seem to defy solution. Will Carina be up to the task?  She has faced formidable foes before but Regina Roy is hardly your average killer. Weakened by a genetic disorder but strengthened by an iron will–along with an extreme workout regimen, the eye of a sharpshooter and the heart of an assassin–there are no limits to what Regina will do to survive and to win.

Money Side Up is available now from Amazon at a special introductory price and will be available shortly in the Apple Store and most other e-book outlets.  And because there are just too many David Bensons out there (!),  I’ve used the fuller David M Benson this time (as I did with Dark Fire; Yesterday’s Tears).

So what are you waiting for?

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea!

Just a thought. The paperback version of Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears by David M Benson–available at–would make a great last-minute gift or stocking-stuffer for that voracious reader in your life!

And for that loving person with whom you share an iPad or Kindle, there are six Carina Quintana Mysteries to choose from!

And, yes, number seven is nearing completion…

Happy Holidays everyone!