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Late Boomer, a Carina Quintana Mystery

June 28, 2012

Okay, so I finally wrote a novel that fits into one of the most popular genres out there–the crime thriller/police procedural!  With a singular,  engaging heroine, great locales and a plot that even I can’t believe I thought up, Late Boomer is sure to be a best seller! And not only that, the second book in the series is already in the works. Of course, getting the word out about Late Boomer is Job 1 for now!

I’m also excited about the Kirkus review for Late Boomer, so much so that I think I’ll reproduce the whole thing right here! I was particularly happy at their suggestion of a series, since that’s what I had in mind all along!

Benson’s tightly plotted crime thriller is sure to please fans of police procedurals.
Several wealthy middle-aged Manhattanites—the baby boomers of the title—have been gruesomely murdered, and Lt.
Carina Quintana senses a connection. But how can she prove it? The killer, if he exists, varies his methods and targets
and leaves no tangible evidence. Age and wealth are all that the victims have in common. Recently transferred from
Miami after her partner was convicted of drug trafficking, Quintana struggles to adjust to New York City and deal with
the aftermath of testifying against her former co-workers. Now partnered with the sarcastic Pete Simpson, Quintana
attempts to catch the killer without creating panic among the city’s elites. Complications from her personal life—a
Cayman bank account, an old lover and a connection from Miami—add to her troubles. Benson’s characters are well
drawn, and Quintana is a noteworthy heroine. The author handles her past and sexuality with a light hand, not
overplaying the character. Instead, he keeps her guarded and subtle, without verging into clichéd stereotypes about
damaged cops. While her decision-making is sometimes clouded, she is believable as a police officer. Secondary
characters—the caffeine-addicted Simpson, a particularly droll FBI crime profiler, and New York City itself—are
realistically portrayed, adding interest. Chapters narrated from the point of view of the killer contrast interestingly with
Quintana’s chapters; comparison reveals both characters are relatively isolated and self-protective. The novel’s pacing is
energetic and engaging, and the story flows almost too quickly. Happily, Benson’s epilogue suggests that Quintana may
return in a future novel set in Miami Beach.
A compelling police procedural with a contemporary setting and an intriguing heroine worthy of a series.

And did I mention that Kirkus gave Late Boomer a star denoting it as a book of “remarkable merit”? I guess all that tax/legal writing over the years was good practice!

As you can tell, I’m pumped!  Fiction writing has been my passion for years and it’s something I would do even if no one else read my works. I treat it like a job, although not quite the 60-hour-a-week type I endured for 25+ years! I write 6 days a week, generally spending between 3 and 5 hours a day at my laptop. And every minute is a pleasure!

I’m a very lucky and very blessed guy. After many years of doing what needed to be done, Laura (my beautiful photographer wife) and I are living where we love to live and doing what we love to do.  That’s my wish for all of you!


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