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Lake House + Promotion

August 8, 2012

Laura and I just returned from a couple days at a beautiful lake house on Lake Simcoe, about an hour north or Toronto, courtesy of some new friends who live here in Miami Beach part time. In addition to a fab cross-lake venture in their fast-and-fun runabout (the lake is about 25 miles wide), there was dinner of a whole BBQed turkey + fresh corn and veggies,another of delish fish (that our friend had caught) and their take on Nobu’s famous black cod (we thought it was better than Nobu’s!) and a jaunt in his Austin-Healey 3000. Not such a bad time! I even got to talk about Late Boomer, which our friends bought from the Apple store. All of which got me thinking yet again about how best to get Late Boomer in front of many more people–readers, of course, plus industry folks–so, it.looks like I’m about to embark on a bit of Kirkus promo. Next stop, Darcy Chan-level success?!?! Fingers tightly crossed. Stay tuned!


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