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Just sitting he…

August 26, 2012

Just sitting here in South Florida as the outer bands of Tropical Storm Isaac make their way past. No big deal for us, but I’m beginning to worry about New Orleans; the last track prediction shows it making landfall further west of Pensacola than previous predictions and closer to NOLA. Fingers crossed they don’t get badly hit (and that no one’s hit too hard). Then, of course, Neil Armstrong died. It took me back to July of ’69 and watching the first moon landing live at my friend Mickey’s house–his parents had a color TV–with a group of friends. I remember getting into my car afterwards–a ’69 Toyota Corolla, which hardly anyone had heard of then!–and just sitting there before I started the engine, in total awe of what had just happened. The next day was a workday, by the way. I was in my second summer (of two) of a summer job at Argus Chemical Corp in Red Hook, Brooklyn. A story for another time… 


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  1. Laurie permalink

    Wow, they made Toyota Corollas back then!

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