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Roomer Has It, Take Two!

November 19, 2012

Okay, so it’s sunny and warm and gorgeous in Miami Beach and we’re just coming off a weekend of the Miami Intl. Book Fair, Miami Auto Show and final NASCAR race of the season (Brad Keselowski beat out Jimmie Johnson for the title in The Chase, by the way). Ho-hum!  Oh, and I raced FAST go-karts yesterday at a very cool indoor track for the first time. See, writing is not all I do!

But, speaking of writing, Roomer Has It was published and is available through Amazon. Anyone who read my last post–or who now wants to be spared the trouble–might recall my saying the following about the sequel to my first Carina Quintana mystery, Late Boomer:

…Not that I’m objective but I think the new book is more exciting than the first.  [More importantly, my editor, one Laura Benson, shares this view!] It also delves more deeply into Carina’s and the other main characters lives and personalities, including that of an increasingly twisted murderer.

And yes, Pete Simpson is back, too. It is a year since his retirement from the NYPD and he’s now working for the largest private investigations firm in the city. He’s been assigned to find out who killed the CEO of Liberty Airways and that quest leads him to believe that the unknown killer is headed to Miami Beach, where his next target, another Liberty executive, lives.

And Miami Beach is now Carina’s turf.

She has leveraged a mega-successful stint on the NYPD to snag the recently-vacated police chief”s job in Miami Beach, where her past transgressions have been forgiven and where she can again enjoy life in her home town tropical paradise. But after a year on the job, Simpson calls to say a killer is headed her way, and once again the two are comrades in arms.

As they begin to piece things together Carina and Pete discover that what started as revenge for the death of his wife–in a Liberty Airlines plane crash that should never have happened–has led the grieving widower much further afield. Once her death is avenged he embarks on a personal mission to extract “an eye for an eye” on behalf of others who have lost loved ones through callous acts of carelessness or greed. The many and scattered targets of this avenger include not only the local Liberty exec, but another denizen of South Florida, and Carina latches onto the case.

So go to, get it and read it on your Kindle, and tell all your friends and neighbors and colleagues!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ll be attending a good friend’s dad’s 75th combination birthday and Thanksgiving celebration at a country club up the road in Jupiter on Thursday but otherwise not traveling; my great preference after many years of fighting the craziness at airports and on the roads this particular holiday weekend. We are “bracketing” Thanksgiving, though, with a quick trip down to Islamorada in the middle Keys (last week) and another to Naple (FL) a few weeks after Thanksgiving.  And if you ever find yourself in or near Islamorada, my strong recommendation is stay at the Cheeca Lodge and have dinner at Chef Michael’s!




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