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Perhaps to dream…

November 24, 2012

Okay, so last night I had what for me passes these days as a bad dream.  (I haven’t had the wake-up-screaming type for years, though having said that I’ll probably have one tonight!) Anyway, there I was, in a conference room in London, teaching a group of very nice young lawyers and accountants about the IRS tax ruling process for international transactions. Shades of past realities, greatly appreciated but not missed!

It made me think about the fact that there’s been a lack of international locales in Late Boomer and Roomer Has It, save for Nassau and Grand Cayman, of course. And I’ll admit that the next book in the Carina Quintana mysteries series–White Tie and Tales–which I’m working on now, also takes place primarily in Miami Beach, New York and the aforementioned isles, although Paris does make a cameo, as does a town in Quebec.

I made extensive use of foreign cities in an earlier series of books (First Rites, The Time Keeper’s War) that have not, and well may never, see the light of day. For the curious, that’s principally because they rely on time travel for their “hook” and thus fit most naturally into the sci-fi genre, a narrower niche (sub-niche?) than crime fiction.

In any event, I’ve traveled a great deal over the years for both business and pleasure and think it might be time to share some of that with Carina!  Given her Cuban-American roots and that her home is Miami Beach, and tossing in the closer connection between South Florida and Central and South America than, say, Europe, I can see someplace like Panama or Costa Rica or Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires in her future. I’ve been to all of them. We’ll see.

No such exotic travels in the immediate future for Laura and I, though. We’re sticking closer to home for the next several months, at least, and enjoying the South Florida “winter.”

If you’re traveling home today or tomorrow from the long Thanksgiving weekend, hope your travels are safe and on-time! And if you’re home and don’t feel like an afternoon of shopping or college football, read a good book instead.

I recommend Roomer Has It!




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  1. Karen Holden permalink

    Definitely Cartagena — was just there for a wedding and loved it! Glad to have found you in the blogosphere!

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