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Happy New Year + BCS

January 7, 2013

My first post of 2013! What’s taken me so long??

After going out for more years than I care to count, Laura and I decided to spend New Year’s eve at home for a change this year, which turned out to be a good move. We had cocktails and the music of our choice (!) starting around 9:00, eventually enjoyed a casual dinner accompanied by an excellent red wine–a beautiful Bordeaux from Pauilac–and then took after-dinner drinks up to the roof deck to watch the Miami, Miami Beach and Fisher Island fireworks. Best by far was the amazing pyrotechnics from Bayfront Park in downtown Miami.

About those after dinner drinks: I’m generally a no-more-than-two ingredients kind of person but this one sounded so good I made an exception, and Laura (who generally favors wine over spirits except when there’s good tequila involved) joined in.  Equal parts Hendricks’ gin, St-Germain plus a splash-plus of champagne. Give it a try (even if your not normally a gin drinker)!

And while I’m just about through putting the finishing touches on the third Carina Quintana mystery, White Tie & Tales, I’ve set out on the fourth.  Miami Beach and Latin locales will figure prominently!

Okay, about the “BCS” part of the subject line. For those of you who (like me) are not college football fanatics, it’s the Bowl Championship Series national final and it’s being played in Miami this year–tonight in fact–between #1 ranked Notre Dame and #2 ranked Alabama. I’m not an actual fan of either team but I am a long time fan of Steely Dan: They call Alabama The Crimson Tide, call me Deacon Blues…so Alabama gets my support!

The Beach and Miami have been teeming with folks from Alabama and Indiana for the past week with the expected crowds in restaurants and traffic jams. Guess most of them will be leaving tomorrow. Too bad, it’ll be 80 and sunny again, and for the next several days, at least, and similar for most of the rest of the “winter.”

Not that the BCS championship game is the last of “season”events around here. There’s Art Deco Weekend later this month, the Miami Beach International Boat Show and the Wine & Food Festival in February, the Winter Music Conference and Sony (tennis) Open in March–and on and on! There are always lots of reasons to come on down and spend those renegade pesos! Or to live here…

Must be why Carina does!


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  1. Marcy Asbury permalink

    Makes me want to come down to Miami ! I on the other hand was sound asleep when the New Year arrived !

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