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My, how the year’s flying by…

February 20, 2013

Or at least that’s my excuse for not posting anything since shortly after the New Year! Maybe 2013 hasn’t been that exciting so far. Naw, that can’t be it! Or maybe the one-two punch of meteors over Russia and  paralympic stars killing their model girlfriends (by mistake, of course!) finally shook me out of my reverie. Yup, that sounds better!

Yes, of course, I’ve been writing; book number 4 in the Carina Quintana Mysteries series, which is tentatively titled DEAD ON A RIVAL. Making decent progress, too, even though Laura and I took a few days off to go to Key West a couple weeks ago where I went offshore fishing for the first time, courtesy of a friend. Nice boat, cool captain, great company and I caught the first three of the four fish that were caught–as well as a thoroughly nasty and double-ugly eel that thankfully disengaged from my line before I could reel him in–before conditions deteriorated (big-time wind, mostly), and we headed back to shore. Beginner’s luck, no doubt, but it was FUN while it lasted.

We saw SIDE EFFECTS last week. It’s not doing so well at the box office, which I don’t really understand. Oh, wait–it’s adult and intelligent and you kind of have to follow the plot (for a big and unexpected payoff by the way).  And no, it’s not the one with Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman–that one’s doing EXTREMELY well at the box office. Must be a message there somewhere.

Going to be doing some publicity for ROOMER HAS IT (book number 2 and the latest published) in March, mostly drive-time radio interviews, which my research showed is one of the best ways to book promote–who knew??? Anyway, fingers crossed that (a) I don’t F-up too many of the interviews and (b) that it gets some real traction for Carina!

After another short COLD spell we’re back to normal here in S. FL, which means 80 and sunny. Plus, OUR airline, American Airlines, is going to get even BIGGER in these parts, and elsewhere, after the merger with the former Agony Airlines (no, that was Allegheny, wasn’t it), which morphed into Useless Air (no, that was U.S. Air, then Airways, wasn’t it).  In any case, better name, better paint job on the planes. The rest remains to be seen….

Okay, going back to DEAD ON A RIVAL now.  See ya!


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