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Dead On A Rival

May 7, 2013

That’s the title of the book I just finished writing–the first draft, anyway! Eventually it will be number four in the Carina Quintana Mysteries series. But for now, the big news is that book three–White Tie & Tales–will be published in early June!

White Tie & Tales pits Carina–with help from Pete Simpson, of course!–against a wealthy and quite charming French doctor who lives during season in a mansion in Miami Beach and whose interest in beautiful, young women’s bodies has nothing at all to do with the Hippocratic Oath.  When packages containing body parts are delivered to a Canadian victim’s family, it is merely a sign of things to come and the opening volley in a series of gruesome murders that culminate in the Magic City and lead Carina to contemplate desperate measures to catch a mad killer.

As you might have guessed, White Tales & Tales is a shade darker than Late Boomer and Roomer Has It, although it’s still unlikely to keep most readers up at night except, of course, to find out what happens next and how Carina fares in the end! And yes, throughout it all, she still has to battle some personal demons, find time for a new love interest and be steady at the helm of the MBPD.

So plan on reading White Tie & Tales in a few weeks, get hold of Late Boomer and Roomer Has It if you haven’t already, and tell all your friends and colleagues to do the same!

’til next time!


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