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Oh Canada!

August 14, 2013

Laura and I are recently back from visiting friends who have a cottage on Lake Simcoe, about an hour’s drive north of Toronto. We ate wonderfully at their beautiful abode, enjoyed some terrific wines and spirits and even picked up  a few accolades on White Tie & Tales while we were there. But perhaps the most memorable aspect of our sojourn was the weather.

It was, in a word, cold, much colder than normal for the first part of August, even an hour north of Toronto! Cold as in perhaps 65 degrees during the warmest part of the (generally sunny, thank goodness!) days with a blustery 15-20 mph breeze that set off whitecaps on the lake and goosebumps on exposed flesh, making it seem eerily coastal-New-England-in-October-like.

The most popular outdoor spot in the chill evenings–and their home is an outdoor haven–was standing next to and chatting up the host/chef as he worked in front of the grill in the outdoor kitchen. Tranquil afternoons sprawled outside on a C-shaped sofa, reading or talking, were made possible by the gas fire-pit in the center of the C. And fun blasts in the host’s vintage Austin Healey 3000 roadster were abetted by the natural heat radiating from the low-slung car’s 3-litre straight six cylinder engine.

No complaints here, though!. Our otherwise-infrequently-used sweaters and hoodies got a good workout and we were reminded of why we settled in South Florida and rarely venture north after September and before May, but also savored the attraction of a spell of chilly air (especially during a hike in the nearby woods) and were forced inside enough to have learned how to play Rummikub from two real experts! Where have they been keeping that great game all these years?

And, no, I didn’t write a word. I did, however, savor Margaret Atwood’s Oryx & Crake, which I had bought when it came out back in 2005 but had never gotten around to reading. Apparently it took a visit to Canada to remind me about one of its very best writers! I highly recommend it.

So, back to the Florida warmth and the laptop keyboard; all-in-all a pretty a fabulous situation to come home to!



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  1. Laurie permalink

    Excellent blog. I love your writing style!

  2. Robert permalink

    Nice post…

    Robert Gittess

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