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It’s Only Rock & Roll, but…

September 30, 2013

…I like it!

We’re just back from Cleveland and, yes, the purpose of the trip was to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum. Why else would anyone go to Cleveland, right? (More on that later.)

The spectacular I.M. Pei-designed museum opened in 1995 and I can’t believe it took us this long to get there!  If you’re a fan of rock music (or blues, or soul, or hip-hop) it’s a must, but even if you don’t give much of a damn, you really should go. Among the exhibits are small theaters where, for instance, you can sit down and see rare footage of OLD American Bandstand broadcasts where (subsequently) well-known artists are introduced or those newly-famous are welcomed back by an always young (despite the long span of years) Dick Clark. Or you can watch a film montage of artists and bands inducted year-by-year into the Hall. Or you can play around with the excellent interactive touchscreen devices and use them to select your music by artist or categories like “one-hit Wonders”, “British Invasion” “metal” or the category of your choice. Enjoyed for as long as you like it the semi-privacy of soundproof coves.

There’s also room after room of “artifacts”. As you would imagine, there are guitars galore and clothing worn by your faves while they were performing. (Interesting how small a lot of those guys are/were–must be the drugs!) But what really got to me were the hand-written lyric sheets–sometimes on a hotel notepad, other times a legal pad, otherwise whatever scratch paper was available–by dozens of rockers. Truly amazing!

So, you’re getting the idea that Laura and I liked it, right? In short, it was terrific, and we didn’t even get to spend much time in the special 50 years of The Rolling Stones exhibition, as closing time was approaching. It was surprisingly easy to spend 4+ hours there, with lots still left to see.

As for Cleveland, this was my first real visit–I’d been there on a one-day in-and-out to see a client years ago–and it’s not a bad place, at least not in late September with 73 degree sunny weather! The aforementioned spectacular building is right down near the lake, close to the Browns’ cool-looking football stadium and other attractions. A truly nice place to be. There’s little traffic and the airport’s an easy 20-minute cab ride to downtown.

I can even see using the locale in a book some time!

Then there are the restaurants. I’d never known that Cleveland has apparently always been known as a foodie town and there are plenty of resto choices. We had our hearts set on two restaurants run by Michael Simon, one of Laura’s favorite “celebrity” chefs from TV show competitions and such. We had dinner at his more casual spot, Lolita, the first night and his more formal place, Lola, the second night. All I can say is that if Lolita was in our neighborhood we’d have dinner there once a week and the more elegant Lola would be a once-a-month place! And if Carina Quintana ever does make it to Cleveland, she’ll be having dinner at one of them for sure!

Speaking of Carina, Loose Canon is coming along and Dead On A Rival will be available before Thanksgiving. Tell all your friends!

And get yourself to Cleveland!




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  1. Robert permalink

    Excellent Post!!!

    Robert Gittess


  2. Robert permalink

    And University Circle… All the museums?!?!?!

    Robert Gittess


  3. RKJ permalink

    I’m enjoying your posts. Be down end of the month, hoping to see you . Konrad


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