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November 11, 2013

Yes, I know, it’s Veterans Day and I don’t intend to ignore the fact. It’s just that eleven-eleven has another meaning to me, as well. It’s the day Laura and I were married, 29 years ago.

Did I mention that we met about five years before that in the snack bar of the building in which we were both working at the time, in Washington, DC? It was, and still is, the IRS headquarters building and its address is…wait for it…Eleven-eleven Constitution Avenue.

So we’ve always had kind of a thing for eleven-eleven.

There have been others along the way, too. The most recent–and those of you who are familiar with South Beach might have noticed this–is the address of the futuristic, and somewhat controversial, Herzog & de Meuron-designed parking garage/retail space building at the corner of Lincoln and Alton Roads. It’s Eleven-eleven Lincoln Road, which is proclaimed in huge red neon numerals on both the Alton Road and Lincoln Road sides!

Gee, wonder what I think about when I see that!

So, November 11 is fraught with memories for me and, yes, thoughts of our veterans, too. I’m not a vet, having missed the Vietnam War, my only “chance.” I’m not sorry; it was arguably much less justified than Iraq/Afghanistan and we lost more people, way more people, there. In retrospect I’m hurt by the way the country treated returning Vietnam vets, largely because the war became so universally unpopular.  I’m guessing that lots of Vietnam vets are not real happy today. But I’m elated to see how we’ve tried to honor and embrace the vets of today.

Anyway, it’s a special day for the country, but for Laura and me it’s even more special.

And did I mention that our wedding, on eleven-eleven, took place at Windows on the World at the World Trade Center in New York? Ah, but that’s a story for another time….



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  1. Happy anniversary!

  2. Robert permalink

    Gr8 post! :/) it’s 11:11 again in 7 hours… Hey, that’s 7/11!

    Robert Gittess


  3. Laurie permalink

    Happy Anniversary! 29 forever! 11-11

    Love you both so much!!!

    06-06 and 09-09

  4. Laurie permalink

    BTW…Love the POST!

  5. RKJ permalink

    I just love you guys!!


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