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January 6, 2014

Strangely, it doesn’t sound…strange…like new years so often have.

Perhaps it’s because we’re finally rid of a year with the dreaded number 13 in it. Or, in my case at least, perhaps it’s because 14’s always been a good number for me; my birthday is Dec. 14.

The first really strange year for me was 1960. Makes sense, I suppose, since every year of my life up to that point had had a 50 in it. And on top of that, JFK got elected later in the year and soon I had to contend with President Kennedy, when up till then it had always been President Eisenhower. Talk about strange!

And then there was 2000, of course, a year that seemed both so far off and so impossible way back in the 80s and even the 90s, at least until all the (misplaced) fuss over the so-called millennium bug made it so ubiquitous that when it did finally arrive it was almost an anti-climax–almost.

In any case, I’m expecting that 2014 will be the year in which I write the last Carina Quintana Mystery, at least for a while. The Carina book I’m working on now–Loose Canon–will be number five in the series and that’s always been a good number for me, as well.  It’s a good signal to take a break and spend some time going in a different direction. Stay tuned for what that will be; I have some ideas but haven’t made a final decision yet.

And speaking of Carina, a friend who is not exactly generous with compliments told me recently that the latest Carina Quintana Mystery, Dead On A Rival, is my best book yet. I happen to agree, although I’m not necessarily totally and completely objective about it!

So if you haven’t read Dead On A Rival yet, please do, and have all your friends, neighbors and colleagues do the same. And look for the fifth, and last for a while, in the series in a few months.

Then it’s on to other things in 2014, which I hope will be a terrific year for all of us!


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