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Indepenence! (Of a different sort…)

July 4, 2014

Ernst & Young, the partnership of which I was a member, had a 52/53-week fiscal year ending on the Friday closest to June 30. Yes, there is such a thing, and yes it is relevant! You see, the year I retired, 2009, that day fell on Friday, July 3. So, last night, while most of America was preparing for the big Independence Day celebration, Laura and I were celebrating five years of a different kind of independence.

I was very lucky and had a wonderful career, first at Coopers & Lybrand and then at E&Y. I did a great deal more exciting and far-ranging work with many more interesting people than I ever expected, and we got to live in Europe for two years, to boot! And yes, there was a great deal of stress and some miserable clients (and a few colleagues), as well.  It wasn’t the sort of thing a sane person does for reasons other than the paycheck, but as these things go it was pretty terrific.

On the other hand, retirement, or my version of it, at least, has been just plain terrific! I am doing something–writing fiction–that I would be doing even if I were not getting a paycheck (which is a good thing because I’m not getting much of one yet!!)  And working 3-5 hours a day on something you love in a great environment beats the heck out of 10+ hours a day in a “Big 4” environment, even when it’s a good one!

I think it’s the Life Is Good tee-shirt, etc. people whose motto is “Do what you love, love what you do.” Not many of us ever really get to do that, and I’ve had to wait quite a while myself, but the wait was well worth it!

In any case, I wish what I have now (Yes, Laura’s very much included in that!) for all of you!

And Happy Fourth of July!




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  1. Robert permalink

    Very nice post.

    Robert Gittess


  2. Laurie permalink

    We will have to toast to your 5 year anniversary tomorrow night! Keep doing what you love, and loving what you do!

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