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It’s the Thought That Counts…

September 24, 2014

Yes, it’s been quite a while since I’ve spun a post. On the off chance you’re wondering why, it might be that the distressing nature of world events has had my head so caught up in the sorts of things that I do not write about for this blog (!) that I was rendered unable to write for this blog. At least that’s what I think the reason was. Who knows, it might even be true. Not that things have gotten any better lately….

In any case, it was a recent article in the Wall Street Journal that jolted me out of this alleged malaise–at last there was something to get upset/annoyed/excited about that did not involve depressingly serious, off-limits stuff.

The article in question is entitled, What Every Newlywed Wants: Forget appliances and china–couples headed to the altar are signing up for cash-gift registries to fund home projects.

As with many WSJ pieces, the title is pretty much a spoiler for what’s to come (not a bad thing, actually). It seems that while I’ve been paying attention to other things, couples planning to marry are signing up on cash registry sites to raise money for home renovation projects. In fact, such funds have become second only to honeymoon funds.

An admission: Until I read this article I had no idea there WERE cash registry sites for engaged couples. This apparent reflection of my age, however, was not altered by the late May wedding of a friend of slightly less than half my age to a fine fellow of more or less the same vintage.  They registered an a whole lot of more traditional retail sites. And notwithstanding the view of one man interviewed for the WSJ article, that, “We really didn’t need a toaster or any of the wacky gifts people give,” I think our newlywed friends really did like, and might even use, the Tiffany serving plate we gave them.

Of course, this is what’s responsible for the title of this blog post. Laura and I really liked the plate and really did think they would, too. Admittedly it was better than another toaster, but I suppose some folks might consider it one of “the wacky gifts people give.” If so, long live wacky gifts. A marriage is such a personal thing that I would expect the guest, assuming he or she really knows and cares about one or both of the new couple, to WANT to put some thought into selecting a gift that he, she or them believes will be appreciated and enjoyed. Cash, on the other hand, requires no thought and does not reflect anything about the giver except exactly how much they were willing or able to spend.

Don’t get me wrong, cash is good! But I’ve always thought it was the province of parents (and perhaps grandparents or your rich uncle Joe) to help the happy couple on their way with a cash wedding gift. Laura and I were certainly grateful that her folks gave us cash for our wedding. But I sure as heck wasn’t expecting our friends to provide dollar bills, and I would have been disappointed (and wondered how much they really cared) if they had.

Getting back to the Journal article, it went on to note that “…gift etiquette can be tricky. ‘Some people thought it was very rude and forward to ask [for cash],'[a woman who was interviewed] said. ‘They were usually older.’ The couple compromised by including items from retail stores.”

Well, yeah, it probably is an age thing, at least to some degree, but I still can’t help but think that the younger folks are missing something. After all, our 30th anniversary is coming up and Laura and I can still remember, generally fondly or at least with a smile, who gave us one of our wacky gifts.

And on the Writing Front

At this very moment the latest Carina Quintana Mystery–All the Rage, number six in the series–is about to be read for the first time by my editor here at Bruised Peach Productions, one Laura G. Benson. Assuming she approves and the edits aren’t too severe, I expect it to be published by mid-October. I’ll keep you all posted, though.

In the meantime, PLEASE tell all your friends, neighbors, colleagues, running or gym companions, people at the next table, etc. to buy and read the first five. In my wholly non-objective view, they get better as they go along, as many series do, so let them read in reverse order if they must!

Late Boomer

Roomer Has It

White Tie & Tales

Dead On A Rival

Loose Canon








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One Comment
  1. Robert permalink

    G2 thinks that wedding gifts are GREAT! Later in life, (as long as the marriage holds up, less than 35% over 20 years), a successful couple can buy just about any materialistic items that they desire. It’s the ‘wacky’ wedding gifts that we enjoy the most, today! These gifts provide us with laughter, memories, and times to say, “We once liked that ‘pattern.'” It seems that ‘cash is king’ now! Oh well… The cash will run out, but the plate from Aunt Sally will last a lifetime, (of course if it’s not thrown across the room in a heated argument)… Lol. 🙂 Very nice post, B2.

    Robert Gittess


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