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October 24, 2014

The latest Carina Quintana Mystery, from Kirkus Award winning author David Benson, has Carina facing her first homicide as Assistant Chief of the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida PD.

 When the body of a young woman washes up on the beach in front of a local luxury hotel, a little digging sets Carina on the trail of Rayce de Marco, an enfant terrible of the high fashion world with mob ties and a penchant for private jets and the super-heated late night club scene of South Beach.

 The dead woman is a nineteen-year-old off-the-grid fashion blogger from New York with an appetite for extortion and a plan to insinuate herself into Rayce de Marco’s growing empire. But the enigmatic girl, who called herself Circe, did not count on the wrath that de Marco unleashes on her.

Circe’s violent death prompts her twin sister Athena to extract vengeance, but it is left up to Carina to untangle the convoluted worlds of killer and victim to nab the murderer. Despite expert forensic help and her own keen insights, it will be anything but easy. De Marco’s powerful family, including his mob boss uncle and gorgeous former pro boxer cousin, Adriana, seem not about to let the master of the House of de Marco go down.

 Shuttling between New York and Florida and rekindling relationships with former NYPD colleagues, Carina faces unexpected impediments and mounting frustration. Fortunately, Carina’s exotic wife, Alice, is there to take the edge off the frustration, but will it be enough to help her catch a killer?

So says the “dust jacket” of All The Rage, the sixth (and final, for the moment) in the series.

And now that I think about it, that about says it all!

So go out an get yourself a copy of All The Rage from Amazon or the Apple Store. Even if you haven’t read any of the other Carina books (!), you’ll enjoy this one.

Oh, those of you who are social media hounds, feel free to give All The Rage and Carina a big shout-out on Facebook or Twitter! And if you’re not, do it the old fashioned way–tell all your friends!



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