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Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears

December 11, 2014

No, the subject line doesn’t sound like the title of a Carina Quintana Mystery, now does it??

Well, after publishing the sixth book in the Carina series–All the Rage–a few months back, it was time for a change, at least for the writer!

So, no, DF:YT is definitely NOT a police procedural or mystery. It is, instead, a more “youth”-oriented story, with a good bit of romance (of a sort) that also incorporates elements of sci-fi.  I won’t say much here, but the main character is a Steve Jobs-like fellow with rather strong feelings about a certain woman and the brains and resources to branch out well beyond supplying fabulous electronic gadgets to an expectant public. Some might classify it as YA (young adult), but if you’re over 25, don’t be put off. For one thing, my hope is that DF;YT will have broader appeal than, say, Hunger Games, (although I’d love to imagine DF:YT being a fraction as popular!). For another thing, you’ve probably read the Harry Potter books, right??

In any case, the intention isn’t to disappoint anyone, and Carina will likely be back at some point. I just needed to stretch, so to speak. Besides, if you haven’t read all of the Carina books yet, the rest are there waiting for you!

And yes, this is a bit of a teaser; DF:YT is very much a work in progress. But at about 43,000 words, I’ve made a good deal of progress. (The average Carina book is 70-80,000 words.) In any case, what with, say, actually finishing the first draft, plus reviews and enhancements, etc., it likely won’t be published until late winter, still in time to cozy up to the fireplace and read a good book!

And for those of you in warmer climes or unwilling to wait for Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears to appear, did I mention that there are still all those unread Carina books?!?

Oh, and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a very happy and healthy New Year!


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