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January 24, 2015

That would be my current state of mind as Laura gets set to read Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears this afternoon.

It will be the first time anyone other than me has laid eyes on it, and having spent a whole lot of time immersed in the story and characters, writing and re-writing, it, I’m waaaay too close to it to even have a decent sense of whether she’ll love it or think it’s crap.

I haven’t been this nervous since she read the first Carina book, and I was actually less nervous then since it was a reasonably straightforward police procedural. And the subsequent five books in the series were simply other stories involving the same core premise and cast. I kind of doubt that Sue Grafton is too uneasy when she completes her latest “alphabet” novel or James Patterson when he wrote yet another Alex Cross book! J.K. Rowling was probably a little antsy when she was waiting to hear what kind of impression the first Harry Potter book had made! Thus, my current state of mind.

As I mentioned in my last post, DF:YT is aimed at a younger readership (although not exclusively so) and has elements of sci-fi. It’s also pretty romantic, or at least I think so. The flow of the story and the natures of the characters are also quite a bit more complex than in the Carina books; it was quite a bit more effort to keep things straight and manage the flow and character development than it was for any of the Carina novels.  In any case, even if she doesn’t think it’s actually crap, I have a feeling that there will be some further re-working of it after Laura finishes.

Did I mention that I’m planning a series based, probably loosely, on DF:YT?? Maybe that accounts for some of the nervousness, too!

So there you have it. To overly dramatize things, we’ve got one nervous author awaiting his fate!

More when Laura speaks!






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  1. Richard permalink

    Good luck to you David as your critic Laura gives you her verdict on your newest book!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. OK this site confuses me. I tried to leave a comment on more than one occasion. I have now reset my password and I think I am logged in. I hope Laura enjoys your book. Does that mean I am going to have to read a “twilight-type” book. Have not done so yet. Yours may be the first.
    my best….

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