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Mikey likes it!!

January 26, 2015

Actually, Laura loved it! Her first word was “Fantastic!”

To put this in perspective, while she likes Carina and others of the core characters of the Carina series and has liked the stories–some more than others–she’s never been what you might call truly excited over any of them. In part, she’s attributed this to the fact that she’s never been crazy about the police procedural genre, preferring true mysteries when she reads that sort of novel. She was also very quick to warn me before she read it that the way I’d described Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears was even further outside of her “genre zone.” So her enthusiastic reaction to DF:YT was even more gratifying.

While “Fantastic!” was her (much appreciated) initial reaction, I was even happier when we got into a deeper discussion over cocktails before making dinner last night. Her bottom line is that publishing DF:YT as I have with the Carina books in okay, but this one NEEDS to be discovered, and ultimately made into a film!

The fact is that I really was shooting for the next Hunger Games. My un-objective feeling was that I had done it, but, hey, it’s my own baby, so my opinion was not to be trusted. Nice to know that my worst (constructive) critic agrees with me, and might be even more enthusiatic.

The question is, now what?

But for now, let’s just say that I slept really well last night!



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