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May 19, 2015

Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears is now available in paperback form! Oh, and the cover is amazing!

So, those of you who are e-reader averse no longer have an excuse! You can go out and get yourself print copies of DFYT by going to the following:

Or just go to and search the book title and my name.

And in case you’ve forgotten, DFYT is NOT another in the Carina Quintana Mysteries series.  As the back cover notes say:

A love story for all time, Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears begins with a chance encounter between Jane Garrison, an elite fighter who has been grievously wounded in combat, and Edan Duff, the young entrepreneur and creator of marvelous devices, whose genius will save her but turn her into the mystery woman who calls herself Sim. Although left powerless to quench his yearning, an unbreakable bond forms between them. But Edan knows it is a bond that must be broken if Sim is to be restored to a normal life, and that he must live with the pain their parting will cause him. Yet another chance encounter–is it really chance?–unites them once more, this time against a distrustful US government and a power-hungry President bent on making sure that only he can exploit Edan’s most astounding creation yet. Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears takes Edan and Sim through worlds both familiar and as-yet unknown as they struggle to live out a love transcending time and fate.

 Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears will make great summer reading for you and your friends. So what are you waiting for!


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  1. Rachel Pozensky permalink

    That IS exciting!!! Congratulations!


  2. Laurie permalink

    That is great! Congratulations!

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