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Money Side Up (Up, and Away!)

January 14, 2016

Money Side Up, the seventh Carina Quintana Mystery, has now been published!

This action-packed adventure opens with a lethal, pre-dawn gun battle on a Fort Lauderdale beach between an outlaw motorcycle gang and Florida police in which Carina is wounded, and from there the complex, fast-paced and winding plot begins its many twists and turns.

Twisted might also serve as an apt descriptor for the story’s antagonist, a deadly young woman named Regina Roy who is on dual quests–first, to climb out of the shadow of her late, identical twin brother, Rex, who was the gang’s local president and, second, to right the wrongs she believes that one member of every twin pair does to the other.

Both of these quests result in a trail of mangled corpses from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta and give rise to a series of interconnected cases that seem to defy solution. Will Carina be up to the task?  She has faced formidable foes before but Regina Roy is hardly your average killer. Weakened by a genetic disorder but strengthened by an iron will–along with an extreme workout regimen, the eye of a sharpshooter and the heart of an assassin–there are no limits to what Regina will do to survive and to win.

Money Side Up is available now from Amazon at a special introductory price and will be available shortly in the Apple Store and most other e-book outlets.  And because there are just too many David Bensons out there (!),  I’ve used the fuller David M Benson this time (as I did with Dark Fire; Yesterday’s Tears).

So what are you waiting for?


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  1. Regina and Rex can’t be identical twins, boy and girl. They have to be fraternal twins, unless, there’s a ‘Caitlin Jenner’ in the plot.
    Got to read it to know.

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    • Caitlin Jenner aside (no spoilers here–read it!) Google Turner Syndrome…Hope all’s well.

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