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Havana Homicide

November 17, 2016

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve added a post, too long, in fact. But I’ve been busy working on a new book and didn’t want to do “the reveal” until it was nearly done. And now it is!

As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post, the new book is called Havana Homicide and, yes, it is–or will be–the latest in the Carina Quintana Murder Mysteries series. But if you’re thinking that all the news about Cuba opening up to American visitors and such was the impetus for adopting it as a prime locale for the story, you’d only be partly right. All the talk and air play certainly elevated it to the front of my mind, but the fact is that Cuba’s been in my thoughts for many years.  My parents spent their honeymoon in Havana in 1946 and my beautiful wife visited with her mom and grandmother when she was small. Oh, and the first short series of books I wrote (but did not publish) years ago, the Hunter novels, all took place there.

So what is it that brings Carina to Havana now? It’s something as prosaic as a police chiefs convention that takes place there but she’s got way stronger connections than that. Her grandparents emigrated from Cuba just before Castro’s revolution, bringing Carina’s Cuban-born father to the the United States. And her family history, particularly that of her tough guy abuelo, who ran a casino in Havana for the mob before the revolution and who died before she was born, is woven into the plot.

Murder abounds; it is, after all, a Carina murder mystery! But the manner in which present day killings in Florida intersect with much earlier crimes in Havana drives the twists and turns of the complex story. And Carina is not the only present day figure with descendants that influence current events–or, it turns out, with connections to her grandfather.

Carina’s wife Alice is along for the ride, of course, as is Carina’s team of Ft. Lauderdale PD detectives. But for Havana Homicide the devil is in the antagonists, including a Steve Jobs-like fellow with more than a little fascinating history of his own and a Cuban secret policeman with a long memory and a few of his own surprises.

Havana Homicide is nearing completion and I expect it to be published in time for holiday reading. That should give you time to catch up on any of the seven earlier Carina books you might have missed or, if you’re in a sci-fi state of mind, Dark Fire: Yesterday’s Tears.

Happy reading!


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