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Amazon Studios Passes On Havana Homicide

June 17, 2017

Amazon Studios is one of a very few outlets that will accept unsolicited scripts, and I decided to submit a screenplay of the latest Carina Quintana Mystery, Havana Homicide. They have, however,  now “…determined that it does not meet the needs of our Development Slate at this time.”

I can’t say I was surprised. I would have been far more surprised–although, of course, deliriously happy!–if they had accepted it. The odds here are something like a junior high football player making it to the NFL.  And those odds were, it seems, not overcome with a script that includes a very attractive and clever lesbian Latina detective married to another woman, buzzy locales, including Havana and Miami Beach, and a terrific story. In any case, I did at least  get the experience of writing another screenplay. And the experience caused me to embark on yet another; I’m finishing up a screenplay of Dark Fire; Yesterday’s Tears, my sci-fi novel. We’ll see if Amazon’s Development Slate may be more amenable to that genre at this time!

In any case, I have attached a copy of the Havana Homicide screen play to this post. If you enjoyed reading plays in school–or more recently–you might have fun with this. Please enjoy!






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