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Best Beaches

February 23, 2018

No, I haven’t written a new book called Best Beaches!

Rather, I’m referring to an article in yesterday’s Miami Herald about the best beaches, saying that Florida has eight of the best in the U.S., including (of course!) South Beach. But the article goes on the state that Cuba has several beaches ranked above any of those here in Florida.

That reminded me that much of the action in Havana Homicide, the latest Carina Quintana Murder Mystery, takes place on or near some of those Cuban beaches, including some harrowing moments of the Bay of Pigs Invasion, also known as the Invasión de Playa Girón.  One of the central characters of the book is Carina’s grandfather, Eloy Quintana, who ran a casino in Havana before the Revolution and took part in the invasion–and spends time in a Cuban jail as a result. Apart from the invasion, both pre-Castro and modern day Cuba figure prominently in the book.

So, this weekend might be a good time to pick up and read a copy of Havana Homicide, which is available for your iPad at the iBooks store or as an ebook or paperback from Amazon.



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