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Half-price Sale & the New Carina!

September 23, 2018

I know this is going to excite you all beyond belief, but…I just finished the first draft of the new Carina Quintana Murder Mystery. It’s called Three Strikes and You’re Dead, and if past really is prologue the book will be finalized and ready for publication in mid-to-late October.

But while you’re waiting–between now and then only–the latest Carina book, Havana Homicide, will be available for half price in e-book format from Amazon, at $2.99 vs. the usual $5.99.

How’s that for excitement????

But seriously folks, if you haven’t yet read Havana Homicide perhaps the half price offer will spur you to finally do so. As I’ve said before, totally objectively of course, it’s a terrific book! And reading it may incent you to go all the way back to the beginning, to Late Boomer, the very first Carina novel, and then on to all the others!

So…it’s Sunday and you need something to help you relax and wile away the time (but definitely NOT fall asleep!) out at the pool or in front of the fireplace. May I recommend Havana Homicide??  Did I mention it’s only $2.99 for a limited time only?

Happy reading!


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  1. Kyle permalink


    Thank you for always keeping me up-to-date with the next book. I had a question, is this the best email to talk?


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