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Choose your favorite killer!

October 29, 2018

In about a week most of you will have the chance to elect the candidates of your choice; some of those choices will be difficult, some not so much.  But right now you can consider all the Carina Quintana Murder Mysteries and choose your favorite killer right now! Here’s the ballot:

–A disappointed millennial takes his anger out on a series of successful baby boomers, in some cases using their own toys to do so. (Late Boomer)

–A grieving widower takes revenge on those who killed his wife, then decides to provide the same “service” for those not as bold as he.  (Roomer Has It)

–A sadistic killer who mails home pieces of his victims before landing the couple de grace. (White Tie & Tales)

–The apparent accidental fall of a Brazilian business tycoon from a luxury cruise ship, the guests on which also include Carina and her girlfriend, Alice, is only the start of the international intrigue. (Dead On a Rival)

–Someone is leaving bodies, gruesomely stabbed in the heart, on church altars. My goodness! (Loose Canon)

–A famous fashion designer and the body of a young woman that washes up on a Florida beach set the wheels in motion for Carina. (All the Rage)

–A female enforcer for a brutal biker gang–who happens to be the twin sister of the gang’s late leader who was killed in a drug sting by Carina–pits our heroine against a clever warrior woman who becomes perhaps Carina’s greatest adversary. (Money Side Up)

–Professional killers for hire and a plot that weaves Carina’s Cuban family history and the Bay of Pigs invasion with a very up-to-the minute crime spree. (Havana Homicide)

There a eight choices on this ballot, not just the usual two! Go to or the Apple iBook store to order your copy or copies for Kindle or your iPad or other device, or choose the paperback version of Havana Homicide.

You don’t have to wait until next Tuesday to make your choice! You can choose any–or all–of the tales of Carina’s intriguing and varied exploits right now, with no chance of picking a losing candidate!



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