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Three Strikes and You’re…Dead (And a limited time offer!)

December 13, 2018

It’s finally here! I’m referring to the new Carina Quintana Murder Mystery, of course. And for a limited time….Well.I’ll get to that later.

For now, a bit about Three Strikes and You’re Dead. And what better way to introduce it than by quoting (what we used to call} the dust jacket. To whit–

The ninth installment in the Carina Quintana Murder Mysteries series, Three Strikes and You’re Dead, pits the tough and beautiful Fort Lauderdale police chief against the worst sort of serial killer imaginable. A profiler’s nightmare, this cleverly disguised, merciless merchant of death travels the country picking his victims at random and inflicting mortal damage of the most heinous sort. And to Carina’s dismay, the killer changes up his MO as often as most people change their lunch orders and leaves no forensic evidence on the bodies he leaves in his wake. But it is the killer’s unusual travel schedule that tips Carina off to his possible identity and takes her and her team of detectives into a side of the sports world that none of them could have imagined. Carina’s business consultant wife, the brilliant and exotic Alice, plays a major role. So too does a nemesis from Carina’s past and a cast of law enforcement officers assembled to support Carina’s endeavor to solve the seemingly unsolvable. For Carina fans or anyone who appreciates a crack police procedural–or just a terrific, character-centric story–Three Strikes and You’re Dead is a don’t miss read.

Okay, now that I have you hooked, about that limited time offer. Throughout the holiday season, Three Strikes will be sold only through Amazon for the reduced price of $3.99, rather than the $5.99 price of most of the Carina ebooks, which is the price that Three Strikes will carry later.

$3.99? Sheesh. That’s a gallon of gas! It’s less than a gallon of 2% milk. And way less than a gallon of San Pellegrino water–at Target!

So dash to Amazon and get yourself a copy of Three Strikes and You’re Dead. Or make it a holiday gift. You’ll get way more pleasure out of it than that gas or milk or water!


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