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Turning the Page on Carina

January 30, 2019

With the publication of the 9th in the Carina Quintana Murder Mysteries series in December, it’s time to turn the page, so to speak, and move on to a new focus and new characters. Thus, the most recent Carina novel, Three Strikes and You’re Dead, will be the last, at least for the the foreseeable future.

As most of you know, I’ve also written one science fiction novel–Dark Fire; Yesterday’s Tears. I’ve always been a sci-fi buff and am quite proud of Dark Fire, but that’s not the road I’m going to be traveling again just now. Rather, I’ll be sticking a bit closer to home. There will be a new detective, a private investigator with a rather unusual background and some interesting attributes. And unlike the police procedurals that make up the Carina series, he’ll be appearing in time for summer reading in a who-done-it, tentatively titled Color Them Dead. Watch this space for more info!

As for the Carina books, I have my faves, the leading one of which is Havana Homicide. In addition to an engaging story, the book explores Carina’s family history, especially her Cuban grandfather, is partly set in pre-Castro Cuba and includes more than the usual dose of exotic locales. As a kind of bonus, the story also spotlights the Bay of Pigs invasion, a seminal event in the history of Cuban-Americans, as well as Americans of all backgrounds, especially those of us who remember it as it was happening. In my non-objective view, perhaps this alone is enough of a reason to read Havana Homicide.

(In case you were wondering, Loose Canon and Money Side Up are my other faves!)

And lest I forget…because I’m ending the series for now, ALL of the Carina ebooks will be available for a mere $0.99 on Amazon and other ebook sellers, beginning tomorrow, February 1st.

So while there won’t be any new Carina books, at least for quite a while, there are still nine of them out there, all of which offer insights into the mind of a (usually quite nasty!) killer and the people who have to track a killer down, along with neat locales, some intriguing secondary characters and lots of cool, expensive toys!

Happy reading!


The Carina books:

Late Boomer

Rumor Has It

White Tie & Tales

Dead On a Rival

Loose Canon

All the Rage

Money Side Up

Havana Homicide

Three Strikes and You’re Dead


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