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Presidents Day Weekend

February 15, 2019

Yes, it’s that time of winter again, a three day break from whatever rut you might happen to have stumbled into. Got plans?

Even if you only have a few hours not already sketched out, relaxing with a good book might be just the ticket to help you brighten up, and decompress. As I mentioned in my last post, the Carina Quintana Murder Mystery series is at an end and to celebrate the series’ nine books they’re all on sale for $0.99 from here on out.

Who doesn’t have a buck to buy a few hours of stimulating, yet relaxing, entertainment? So head on over to Amazon or the Apple iBooks store and pick out a copy. Your weekend’s looking better already!

Carina Quintana Murder Mysteries by David M. Benson:

Late Boomer

Rumor Has It

White Tie & Tales

Dead On a Rival

Loose Canon

All the Rage

Money Side Up

Havana Homicide*

Three Strikes and You’re Dead


*Also available in paperback from Amazon (although not for $0.99!).


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